owning up to it

I didn't do it.

I will not be able to say I did 100 days in a row of this project. My best friend and little brother joined Ruben and me in Italy and I opted out of posting here.

During the day, we explored, got lost and navigated to our next destination. At night, we ate, re-capped our favorite parts of the day and stayed up late talking.

Was there time to write a blog post and share it on Instagram? Of course. There's always time for what make time for.

I made time to soak up every minute of the crazy-lucky-reality that is traveling with some of my favorite people.

it was the best.

I talked about in my last post the reason why we travel, to create memories.

I'm so glad I'll get to remember this past week.

Also, 93/100 is still an A. WINK!


it's my birthday

at least that's what I'm dressed like


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roaming in roma

A few years ago I read something Elizabeth Gilbert said about traveling.

After taking a vacation with her husband and mother, she made a few observations. She talked about her need to be dutiful; to do her laundry, pay her bills, work and fulfill other obligations, which I can totally relate to. She noted that traveling is hard, expensive and pretty inconvenient which reminded me of how hard driving in Naples was. She goes on to say how sensible staying home would've been.

The thing that struck me most, her answer to the question why travel?

"I have just passed a memorable three weeks of adventure, shared with two people whom I love with all my heart — two people who will not live forever. I will not live forever either; that's the contract. But I have filled my mind with stories and encounters and pictures that I get carry around with me to the end of my life.

I have given myself something to remember me by, when I am old."

Bess and Nando met us in Rome this weekend and I couldn't help but remember reading what Gilbert wrote a few years ago. Feeling full-heartedly grateful.






roamin' around feeling beyond grateful

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Confession: some of the best travel days for me are days that are calm, quiet and uneventful. We made it to Italy and after a very intense Italian driving lesson, we arrived at a Roman countryside farm.

It's important for me to remember to relax. Even while traveling I find myself trying to be efficient and make the most of the time. Sitting and watching the farm animals was the quietest moment of the trip so far and maybe the best.

Vacations are about "vacating" your life. The idea being that getting space gives us perspective. Much of my time in my home life is spoken for, so having an unplanned afternoon felt like such a vacation.



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25 days in - checking in

Can you believe it's the 25th day of my #100dayproject? Me neither.

This is the 25th post and I will definitely say I've built this habit, happily. I've been in Europe the past few days and have accomplished it even with obstacles like time differences, avoiding jetlag, and early morning flights.

what I've learned

This becomes easier the more often I do it. I often think with social media and blogging that a post has to be a magnum opus, and therefore resist publishing things. This project has made me show my work.

Grammar matters. I sometimes think faster than I write, which can result in silly typos, and less readability. This is especially true because I write these post in Squarespace which doesn't have a built-in spell check. I downloaded the free Grammarly plug-in (per my sister's suggestion) and I can definitely recommend it.

Having themes helps. The first two weeks I had solid themes. Having an outline of what I was going to write for the whole week was a very helpful restriction. I often suffer from decision fatigue so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of themes soon. I should already know this (part of my job is creating an editorial calendar).

the best thing so far

CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE. I've been so happy and grateful to have more people to connect to with and relate with. This project has reconnected me with old friends and that alone motivates me to keep going.

k love you byeeee 💕


gaudi's casa vicens

they're renaming this the VPL room

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This blog post is the 25th of 100 daily posts. :)
I'm participating in the 100 Day Project. 
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travel & self-care

I spoke before about my morning self-care routine. It's fair to say that I'm not following this when I travel for weeks at a time.

The biggest way I talk care of myself when I travel is making sure my needs are met. I don't dry brush when I'm traveling for leisure for work, there are too many other moving parts to focus on.

Instead, I focus on making sure I'm eating what my body needs, drinking enough water, sleeping and night and most importantly feeling safe. Basically, I just follow my man Maslow's hierarchy.

travel self-care checklist

  1. Stocking up on water. This is HUGE for me. When we get to a new destination, I stop by a bodega and buy some bottles of water for the hotel room. So far on this trip, we've been walking about 8 miles a day on average. Hydrating is essential.
  2. Staying in a convenient but quiet neighborhood. This is something it took me a while to learn. You can be walkable from everything you'd like to see without staying upstairs from a very loud pub. This is a lesson I've had to learn more than once.  Staying in a quiet place makes me feel safer and sleep better. 
  3. Getting to know a city on foot or by bike is my favorite. I get some sun, some movement and get to know the city at the same time. WIN.
  4. Researching restaurants is very helpful. I'm not always a diva about being gluten-free and dairy-free since I can find something to eat at pretty much every restaurant, but a little research can make an okay experience, excellent. 
  5. Give myself permission to trust my gut. This is something I need to do all the time, but especially when I travel. If I feel unsafe or uncomfortable, I leave. No apologies. I've done this with site-seeing, and even hotels/Airbnbs. (Airbnb is especially understanding about this, they will help you get a refund. Be descriptive, take photos/screenshots)

biking in barca

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