nice to meet you,

Iā€™m Vanessa

Living and loving my little life in Tucson, Arizona.  I'm obsessed with mountains, cacti and desert skies so it's the perfect place for me.

I love travel, eating amazing food and toeing the line of where "crunchy meets bougie."

My main reason for starting this website: my mom.

My mom passed away in 2014. However, she still teaches me things everyday. She would constantly tell me (and my now husband, Ruben) that I should write about the way I live and love my life.

Almost four years later, I'm finally going to listen.

I'm a little weirdo in pretty much everything I do. I've always felt this way and for the most part I've been okay with it.

However, in the advent of the internet, I've realized how important representation is.  How important it is to show your work and be seen.

I've been inspired by countless people on the internet. So, if seeing a curvy, nerdy, Latina from Arizona learn how to create a life and business she loves gives you permission to do the same - welcome!

Oh yeah, & I feel a lot of feelings - you've been warned.

For my professional coaching offerings, you can visit my business website.