taking care of myself - my nighttime routine

Earlier this week I share my ideal morning routine and it has been super helpful for me to have this written down because I've been using it as a checklist.

Something I realized is, a good day begins with a good night. Sleep is so important to me having a good day the next day. So, much of my nighttime routine is centered around good sleep hygiene. Let's get into it.

my evening routine

After I wind down from work and eat dinner, I get comfortable. Working at home means I have to set pretty clear boundaries for myself that my work is done, getting into comfy clothes and leaving my office is how I signal to myself that my work day is done. 

put my phone away an hour before bed

The led backlight of our computers and phones gives off a blue light. Daytime sunshine is also blue, as a result looking at screens in the evening can confuse our bodies into thinking it's daytime. If you need another reason to not look at your phone, I used to give workshops about how this blue light also can cause skin damage and age us prematurely.

eat my last snack 1-2 hours before bed

Digestion takes up a lot of energy. We don't need a lot of calories to sleep, so late night snacking isn't super necessary. Additionally, if our body is using energy to digest while we sleep because we had a meal too late, we can week up feeling fatigued and unrested.

evening supplements

I take a few supplements before bed to make sure I sleep well. I take magnesium dissolved in water and a mood enhancing sleep supplement also. Magnesium is an excellent supplement for combatting stress. I discovered both of these about four years ago when I was deep in fresh grief after my mom died, I noticed a difference almost immediately. I also take my omega-3 supplements in the evening.

dental care

I'm writing this down even though it seems obvious because it's something I have to convince myself to do every night because it feels like it take an hour. Tongue scrape. Floss. Brush teeth. Mouthwash.

drink 16 oz of water

Not everyone can drink this much water before bed without interrupting their sleep. I've found this to be my sweet spot.

tech-free bedroom

Technology and wi-fi work in part due to electromagnetic frequency (EMF). I'm using technology almost all day for my job so I like to eliminate my exposure to EMF, wi-fi, blue light, and other technological radiation while I sleep by having no technology in the bedroom. We charge our phones in another room and only have a television in the living room. We also don't have an alarm  clock in the bedroom.

Then I'm done! I put my fresh face on my satin pillow and sleep.