taking care - my morning routine

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have made self-care a daily practice by creating rituals around it. A very concentrated example of this is my morning routine.

Disclaimer:  I work for myself and I work from home, so my mornings can be a bit slower. That being said, I often want to go straight to work and skip these steps, but I know that beginning my day with structure gives helps to balance the very unstructured work-life I have.

First things first

After waking up, I stretch a bit in bed before actually starting the day. Once I get up the first thing I do is open the blinds to let some sun in the bedroom.

This is where my checklist starts.

  • Tongue scraping: is a grossly satisfying practice. It is exactly what it sounds like. I think everyone should do it & I have even been known to gift the tongue scraping devices.
  • Oil-pulling: is also kind of gross. Before brushing my teeth, I swish some coconut oil in my mouth for 10-15 minutes. Both tongue scraping and oil-pulling are excellent detox habits and are rooted in Ayurveda.

mindful multitasking

Since I have 15 minutes to spare while I'm oil pulling, I keep checking things off my list.

  • Make the bed. I've only started this process in the last few years, it's one of my newest habits. I used to think making the bed didn't make a difference. Once I started doing it, I saw an uptick in my productivity. I think having already done something with such a visual reward gets me in the right mindset to have a productive day.
  • Dry skin-brushing: is another detoxifying practice from Ayurveda. The idea is you stimulate your largest organ (your skin) and encourage lymphatic drainage. It also gets your circulation going and really helps wake me up.
  • Get outside and get some sun on my skin. This also helps wake me up. This also tells our body that it's daytime (duh) and improves circadian rhythms. Also, I'm solar-powered and find the sun improves my mood. I will also use this time to move around and water plants on some days.

20 minutes in...

Before I come back inside, I spit out my coconut oil somewhere in the yard, because I'm a classy lady. Also, because putting oil down your drains is never a good idea. You can also spit it in the toilet or trash, both seem like a lateral move to me.

  • Brush my teeth! So much dental care.
  • Drink 24 ounces of water. This may seem like an arbitrary number but it's the size of my water bottle. Having water be the first thing you ingest stimulates your digestion. We also become dehydrated when we sleep. My personal reasons? I like drinking a lot of water in the morning to get closer to the "8 glasses of water" rule, avoid headaches and because I live in the desert where hydration is key.
  • Get dressed. This is so important for me because I work from home. I don't like hanging out in yoga pants when I'm working. I like communicating to my body that we are no longer relaxing but getting down to business.

almost done...

I usually don't talk during this time or look at my phone. I do my morning routine mindfully and quietly.  If you've met me, you know I'm not particularly quiet so doing this in the mornings has been a balancing practice for me.

  • Superfood coffee. Most mornings Ruben makes my coffee, it's his way of getting an "act of service" in first thing in the morning. The coffee is normally a vegan spin on a bulletproof coffee with some adaptogenic herbs in there, too.
  • Breakfast. I'm usually not particularly hungry in the morning, hence the boosted coffee, but I do like to have something with my coffee. I make oatmeal breakfast "cookies" (gluten/dairy free) or eat something similarly light and sweet in the morning.

On days I go to yoga, pilates, personal training or other healthy movement in the morning I drink my coffee afterwards. I'll drink half a green smoothie on the way there and on half on the way home instead.

the end.

Thanks for reading! 
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solar-powered mornings #banessawrites

solar-powered mornings #banessawrites