owning up to it

I didn't do it.

I will not be able to say I did 100 days in a row of this project. My best friend and little brother joined Ruben and me in Italy and I opted out of posting here.

During the day, we explored, got lost and navigated to our next destination. At night, we ate, re-capped our favorite parts of the day and stayed up late talking.

Was there time to write a blog post and share it on Instagram? Of course. There's always time for what make time for.

I made time to soak up every minute of the crazy-lucky-reality that is traveling with some of my favorite people.

it was the best.

I talked about in my last post the reason why we travel, to create memories.

I'm so glad I'll get to remember this past week.

Also, 93/100 is still an A. WINK!


it's my birthday

at least that's what I'm dressed like


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